As with any unofficial lyrics site, most of the listings I provide here come from my own knowledge of the songs and/or the suggestions of others. I have striven to be as accurate as possible by the following:

Despite these steps, however, it must be realized that misinterpretations may exist. In the future, I will be noting songs for which I have verified the lyrics through "official" means such as published lyric collections or songbooks. If you have a question about a particular song, please contact me.

Please be aware that this listing of lyrics is provided as a service to fans and is not intended to conflict with any copyright laws. If you wish to quote any part of a song, please cite the original release information. Some examples in the MLA format are given below...

Writer Last Name, First Name. "Song Title." Album Title. Label, Year of Release.

Phillips, John and Michelle Phillips. "California Dreamin." If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears. Dunhill, 1966.

Phillips, John. "Twelve Thiry." The Papas and the Mamas. Dunhill/ABC, 1968.